otim bergamo

The Company

Since 1972, Otim has specialized in cutting and deep drawing for third parties. The company is family owned and was situated on a 400 square meter site. The successful work of recent years has enabled it to invest and expand in terms of structure and technological innovation. The specific skills acquired enable the company to offer its customers a valid support and highly professional.

Currently Otim is successfully run by the family Limonta: in 2000 the side expanded to 6000 square meters, 3000 of which are under cover, employing 22 employees and relying on an advanced technological device. The continuous innovative drive made the whole structure dynamic, flexible and ready to meet the varied demands of a changing market, allowing you to offer customers high quality products.

Otim is also involved in the design phase, starting from the drawing or a prototype, and then switch to the production of equipment and mechanical parts, becoming personally involved in the whole process of industrialization of the product.

By partnering with other companies as reliable and qualified as Otim, they are able to provide full details of assembly, threads, shaping, painting and any galvanisation.


Otim is at the complete disposal of its customers for the following services:

• Shearing
• Cupping
• Trimming
• Assembly
• Special processing

In addition to a department of the latest generation technology, the company can rely on the work of a highly qualified and specialized in the field.

The primary objective of Otim has always been to build customer trust that can last over time, focusing a lot on the quality of the service provided, and respecting the commitments made within the agreed time, in ways aimed at their complete satisfaction.

Trust Otim, a market leader in precision engineering: quality and competence are guaranteed by over 40 years of experience.