The Company

Otim entered the cutting and deep drawing for third parties market in 1971, with a family owned headquarters of 400 square meters. After forty years, the successes achieved in the field of work, as a result of being able to offer customers a serious and competent workforce, have meant it has grown and advanced both in structural and technological terms.


Keeping check on the production line every moment of the day is critical to Otim. It aims to offer quality services and customer loyalty.
Therefore, a certificate saying where and whom they are coming from always accompany materials entering the company.
During processing checks are made with special labels.

mercato otim Market

Professionalism, gained experience and dedication shown by Otim in the attention it gives to the needs of its customers, has led to a steady increase of its customers that the company consider reliable.

The target market is mainly northern Italy with some exports to England, Spain and Belgium.


Otim bergamo
Otim is a company run by the Limonta family, in 2000 it saw the entry of the third generation and now stands on an area of 6000 square meters, 3000 of which are build on where 22 employees work and can rely on the latest technology which is able to offer quality products and make the structure flexible and responsive to the different needs that the market requires.

Otim can, starting from the drawing or from a prototype, follow the design and construction of the equipment and details, thus covering the entire process of industrialization of the product.

Details can also be supplied on the complete assembly, threads, shaping, painting and any galvanisation, using reliable and qualified partner companies.