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Otim is a real point of reference at the service of an increasingly wider (to date are about 100 customers), thanks to the know-how acquired over many years of experience, professionalism and dedication has always demonstrated.

The company is very careful to meet the specific needs of its customers, setting the work on contracts more or less repetitive within the same year. Among Otim’s customers are world renowned companies, considered reliable partners of the company.

The company is also on hand to make particular customer design.
Otim is aimed primarily at customers resident in northern Italy, also making some exports abroad, particularly in England, Spain and Belgium. The production of mechanical parts is paid to the following areas:

• 10% Automotive
• 10% Electromechanical
• 15% Construction
• 20% Appliances
• 40% industrial conditioning
• 5% Other sectors

Info and quotes

For further information about the services and products offered by Otim or to request free quotes, please contact us. We are at your disposal through the following numbers:

Tel: 035.661234

Otim is located in Via Gattamelata n. 2/4, in Pedrengo near Bergamo.