About us


OTIM is specialized in blanking and deep drawing of parts according to customer requirements. OTIM is family run company which started off with a structure of 400 square meters. The success of the following years allowed the company to invest and expand in terms of structure and technological innovation. 

Currently, OTIM is successfully managed by the Limonta family and in the year 2000, the third generation took over, expanding the facilities to 6,000 square meters, 3,000 of which are covered, employing 22 employees and counting on an advanced technological equipment. The continuous innovative drive has made the entire structure dynamic, flexible and ready to meet the various demands of a constantly evolving market, allowing to offer customers high quality products.

Our services

Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions, OTIM develops the product starting from the drawing or from a physical sample and carries out the sheet metal stamping services of parts in iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and other ferrous materials. The machines make possible to realize parts of different sizes, starting from strips of 8 x 0.23 mm up to 550 x 5 and 700 x 2 mm.
The company carries out the following processes internally: blanking, drawing, mold design, trimming and edging, mechanical assembly, special processing such as pre-blanking and rewinding of tapes or aesthetic processing.