All the steps to get to the final product

Nowadays, metalworking is one of the most flourishing sectors of the nation’s industrial portfolio. Over time, the demands of the market have undergone countless changes, forcing specialized companies to increase their resources to meet the new needs of customers. As we all know, metal can be shaped and transformed into an unlimited number of objects, whether they are for common use or have a more specific purpose. However, in order for all this to be possible, professionals must perform a whole series of procedures and steps, which allow the company to go from the metal raw material to the finished product. Since it started its activity, the specialised company  OTIM SRL, located in Via Gattamelata n. 2/4, in Pedrengo (BG), has continuously increased its machinery, in order to guarantee their customers products able to satisfy every need and necessity.


Once the central processing is finished, the metal needs some adjustments, to allow it to achieve the required aesthetic finish. In this regard, the finishing is a procedure designed to complete the production of the metal, perfecting the object in every detail. Small smudges and defects on the surface will be eliminated, by hand or with the help of special machinery, to ensure the product meets the high quality standards of the customer.


Another important final metalworking process is edging, considered the principal step to allow the final recipient to use the packaged product. Specifically, with edging the professional creates a true circular edge around the sheet metal, performed at the end of the material. Moreover, the edging procedure contributes to increasing the resistance of the metal object once produced.  


Galvanizing is a metalworking process that allows the company to protect the manufactured product as soon as it is produced. A zinc-based coating is applied to the object, which limits the formation of electrolytic micro-cells with anodic action in the grain edges and therefore prevents galvanic corrosion and oxidation. Each of these systems is born with the purpose of guaranteeing durable and performing products for the marketplace, which are able to resist the wear and tear for as long as possible. OTIM SRL wants only the best for its customers, and that is why it pays particular attention to final processes such as finishing, edging and galvanizing. The highly qualified staff, together with the sophisticated systems of metalworking, assure first choice material and high quality manufacturing techniques. For more details, contact the experts at or by phone at +39 035 661234.