Other services

Other services

Thanks to the experience it has gained, OTIM works to optimize production processes and to provide state-of-the-art solutions. OTIM is also able to provide the following finishing and surface treatments:

Trimming and edging

OTIM carries out trimming operations by deformation or cutting of the piece, without chip removal.
The machine used to perform this type of processing is able to perform trimming and edging processes even simultaneously, with forming, curling, fringing, crushing, seaming of different thicknesses, assembly of parts of different material.
These operations are carried out on round pieces up to a diameter of 1200 mm, on square pieces with sides up to 800 mm, on rectangular pieces with dimensions up to 700 x 800 mm.


OTIM performs assemblies of metal components in order to guarantee our customers an assembled and finished product delivered which will satisfy their production needs. Like all the metal processing, the service of assembly of metal components offered by OTIM guarantees excellent quality levels and remarkable duration over time.

Robotic system

The company also has a robotic pointing system that makes delivery times much faster. The robot stations vary according to the type of operation, so as to guarantee continuity and speed as well as optimal working conditions depending on space and processing.


Through the welding process the continuity of the metal material between two pieces to be joined is achieved, resulting in the so-called “welded joint”. OTIM is able to carry out metal welding processes through the most advanced techniques in order to satisfy every customer’s need and solve any welding problem.

Aesthetic and special processes

OTIM has machinery and equipment to carry out special metalworking processes such as strip pre-shearing and rewinding, or aesthetic works required by the customer in order to improve the aesthetics of the product. Through a series of metal surface treatments, the surface is smoothed, polished and treated ensuring a high-quality finished product.

Surface treatments

The parts can also be supplied with any chemical-galvanic treatment, thanks to the support of reliable and qualified collaborating companies.