Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions, OTIM develops products starting from a drawing or a physical sample. It carries out the working of parts in iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and other ferrous materials. The supplied servos allow the creation of parts of different dimensions, starting from strips of 8 x 0,23 mm up to 550 x 5 and 700 x 2 mm.

The company carries out the following in-house processes: shearing, deep drawing, mould design, trimming and edging, mechanical assembly, special processes such as strip pre-trimming and rewinding or aesthetic processing.



OTIM relies heavily on the control of every stage of the production process, which is synonymous with quality for the company. The entry of the material is always accompanied by a certificate. During the production phase there are special cards: registration cards, cards that define the operation of the machine and the type of verification to be carried out with relative reference dimensions and tolerances.

The staff carries out controls on the parts using both traditional measuring instruments and a 500-diameter profile magnifier, magnifying glasses from 1 to 10 and from 1 to 5, an electronic altimeter 0 – 600 mm.

OTIM’s next objective will be to have the entire production facility certified.


OTIM does shearing of components in iron, steel, copper, brass and bronze. We use block or progressive casts with threading units for high volumes.

The machinery sector is made up of friction presses from 20 to 400 tons, almost all of which are integrated with PLC for adjustments and recognition of the casts in order to shorten set-up times.

The supplied servos make it possible to produce parts of various sizes, starting from strips from 8 x 0.23 mm up to 550 x 5 mm and 700 x 2 mm.

The company is also able to offer pilot holes and cabling on strips used in profiling.

Deep drawing

OTIM is equipped to perform drawing operations on different materials using hydraulic presses of 100, 200 and 300 tons. We are equipped with PLC to control the drawing speed, the pressure of the moving platen and the pressure of the pressing plate, with electronic decreasing.

By varying the pressure of the pressing plate during the drawing process. This technology allows us to produce very complex parts, the production of which would otherwise require multi-pass drawing.

Each press is equipped with a single bar transfer with adjustable steps from 0 to 1000 mm.

Trimming - Edging

OTIM does trimming on cold sheet metal by deformation or cutting of the piece, without removing the shavings.

The machine used by the company to carry out this type of processing is able to perform trimming and edging simultaneously, with forming, curling, crushing, crushing, crimping of different thicknesses and assembly of parts made of different materials.

These operations are carried out on round pieces up to a diameter of 1200 mm, on square pieces with sides up to 800 mm, and on rectangular pieces with dimensions up to 700 x 800 mm.

Special processing

OTIM also carries out special processes for its customers. Thanks to the experience and professionalism acquired over the years, the company has specialized in different types of processing including some special ones. OTIM offers the following machining options:

  • Pre-threading and rewinding strips
  • Aesthetic works


Our company directly takes care of verifying all phases of the production process:

  • arrival of the material, accompanied by a quality certificate
  • production, through cards that define the machine settings
  • type of control to be done, with indication of the relevant reference dimensions and tolerances
  • registration cards

In addition to normal measuring instruments, we also use a 500-diameter profile magnifier with 1 to 10 and 1 to 5 magnifiers and two TESA 0-600 mm electronic altimeters for our quality control of parts.


OTIM is also equipped to carry out assemblies using 5 pointing machines: one 12Kw wall unit, one 25Kw arm unit, one 50Kw, one 140Kw, one recently installed 120Kw combined with a robot for automatic loading and unloading of parts.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism acquired over the years, the company specialises in different types of special processes, such as pre-trimming and strip rewinding, execution of pilot holes and pre-cabling on strips used in profiling, aesthetic processing.

As far as assembly, galvanizing and welding are concerned, these processes are offered exclusively to complement the shearing orders.