More details about the processing method

Among the various stamping operations used in metalworking, deep drawing is a viable and effective system for bending and plastic deformation of metal sheets, the process transforms them from a flat shape to a three-dimensional silhouette.
The shape obtained through the use of this technique allows the companies involved to create very precise shapes, such as cylindesr, boxes and cups, usually used for the manufacture of everyday objects, such as pots and pans.
It is, therefore, a process that affects the shape of the sheets and not their thickness, which generally remains unchanged at the end of the drawing process.
The company OTIM SRL, located in Via Gattamelata n. 2/4, Pedrengo (BG), has been working in the field of precision mechanics for almost 50 years, so much so as to become a real point of reference for the territory of Bergamo and beyond.
The company gains great prestige from the particularly high quality standard of the finished products and the short processing times with which they are perfected.


The technique

Sheet metal deep drawing is one of the methods of cold working metal, used for the realization of objects used in everyday life.
The use of sophisticated equipment, in addition to up-to-date techniques applied by qualified personnel, has made deep drawing one of the most widely used procedures in the industry.
Specifically, the sheet metal is inserted, using the powerful force exerted by a press, inside a die block.
This, considered one of the most important parts of the system, shapes the sheets into the desired shape.
Very often, the edges of the metal material are blocked with a sheet-metal press, while a punch presses on the metal until it adheres perfectly to the bottom of the die block.
It is necessary to pay particular attention to the use of the sheet-metal press, because it is only thanks to this that the specialized company can avoid the formation of folds at the edges and, above all, the dragging of the sheet itself before it has assumed the desired final shape.



The sheet metal drawing process is used to make many of the everyday objects available on the market.
This type of cold forming is, in fact, particularly suitable for small objects and large quantities of parts.
The deep drawing can be the best choice also for the production of very complex particulars, provided that the company in charge has high performance hydraulic presses, equipped with a system to control the deep-drawing speed and the pressure of the sheet-metal press and the press bed.
OTIM SRL is perfectly equipped to execute deep-drawing works on sheets, using a competent and prepared staff, that uses only the best technology in the sector.
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