A choice that makes the difference

In everyday life, most of the metal objects we use are the result of a manufacturing process called stamping. This is an operation that involves the plastic deformation of metals and sheet metal, allowing professionals to create a wide variety of products, while maintaining the required quality standard. In order to have a result that conforms to expectations, professionals in the sector make use of special stamping dies, so as to allow the workers to give a certain shape to a metal part. The company OTIM SRL, located in Via Gattamelata n. 2/4, in Pedrengo (BG), also deals with the design of the die required for stamping, thanks to a technical design office, which boasts a highly qualified staff and on the latest generation technological systems. The attention given to the delicate phase of design and construction of the moulds by the designer has made OTIM SRL a point of reference in this sector, so much as to be able to boast a large number of satisfied and faithful customers.  

How stamping takes place

As already mentioned, stamping is a particular process that obtains, through the use of tools such as a punch and a die block, holes or solid pieces, regardless of the complexity of the work required. Moreover, all this is done in a very short time and, above all, at an extremely low price. It is important to remember that the customer who chooses to work with a company qualified in stamping needs a finished product that corresponds in every way to the initial idea. From a technical point of view, stamping is made possible by the use of specific dies, which, once mounted on special mechanical presses, thanks to a punch and a die block, transform the metal into the desired piece. To ensure that the finished product reflects exactly what the potential buyer has ordered, the design of the stamping dies is a very important operation, which companies operating in the sector entrust only to highly qualified personnel.  

Follow every step of production

At the end of the job, turning to the right designer can prove to be the winning move. In fact, the final product will only have the desired characteristics if the die to which the stamping has been entrusted can be said to be perfectly made. Therefore, the first step for the professional in charge will be to create a draft of the dies through the use of sophisticated software, which allows the idea to take shape, thanks to extremely detailed technical drawings. In this case, the designer combines their own technical competences in the field of mould design, to their acquired experience over the years, strengthened by regular training in work procedures, in order to always guarantee appropriate results and up-to-date operations. To turn to OTIM SRL means to choose a product that is developed straight from the drawing broad, thanks to the use of sophisticated equipment, operated by a technically competent staff. Stamping dies are carefully designed by the technology design office, considered to be one of the company’s strengths. To learn more about stamping die design, visit www.otimsrl.it or call +39 035 661234 to speak directly with the company’s specialists.