The stamping process is not always the same: sometimes it is necessary to pre-stamp metals. There are several reasons for this. 

To obtain the maximum precision

There are some metal stamping jobs where precision is paramount: in these cases, nothing can be left to chance. An optimum way to ensure quality work is to carry out pre-stamping, followed by actual stamping.

The pre-stamping phase, given its delicacy, must be carefully studied and carried out in an accurate manner.

For an object with multiple possible applications

Pre-stamping is also an excellent solution for objects, such as boilers and air conditioners, that can be installed/used in different ways. This possibility determines that during the installation/use phase different needs can be created according to the mode that has been chosen. The pre-stamping allows for the choice of the most suitable solution for the specific case, without compromising the general structure of the object.

Going back to the example given, the two appliances have different ways of attaching the pipes. To ensure that there is no greater exposure than necessary to external elements and also for purely aesthetic reasons, the spaces for the passage of the pipes are only pre-cut. In this way, the installer can create only the holes he will actually need, leaving the others intact.

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